Our Values and Beliefs

At Ashley Care Centre we are here to provide care with compassion to the people that live here. Accepting them for who they are and always working to improve their lived experience.

Compassionate Professionalism

We believe that that caring for someone with dementia starts with understanding that we need to care for them not as a patient but as a person first, showing them genuine compassion whilst still understanding the important responsibility we have as to always act to the highest professional standards

Continual Improvement

We believe that understanding how to care for people with dementia is a continual journey for everyone involved and as such we know we can always learn more and do better for those we have the responsibility to care for. Each resident has a key carer and named nurse to ensure all their wishes and needs are fully met

Understanding People

To really be able to care for those who can’t see the world around them with in a logical mind, as most do, we have to understand what makes that person who they are. Only once we understand their feeling and emotions can we try and understand how a person with dementia sees their world around them

Going with their Flow

People with dementia can have the same need for routines that others have but they may need them at entirely different times. It is important that we respect the individual routines of residents and not what suits the home as a whole. As far possible we aim to ‘Go with their flow’.

Experienced workforce

Our experienced workforce know that developing an in-depth understanding of our residents will create a better qualify of life for them. That’s why we focus on ensuring good staff continuity; this means that residents and staff are able to build the strong relationships that are so important to feeling at home

Activities and welbeing

Activities based on needs, wishes and capability. Regular entertainers within the Home as well as regular trips out. Meal times and locations are flexible to residents’ choice and special diets are catered to.

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How we care

We recruit all our staff according to their attitude first, if a member of the team is kind, caring, emotionally intelligent and self motivated they are exactly the type of person we want to work with. Someone with experience or a deep desire to care can be taken through our comprehensive training programme and be given the knowledge and ability to care to our expectations. We have a varied mix of staff working at the home; including nurses (both mental health and general health nurses), house leaders (or seniors), care assistants, house-keepers and many others support staff. What we all share is a willingness to to provide the very best care to our residents in a happy, content home emphasising a family style ethos.

Latest News

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Our Governing Bodies

Care Quality Commission Bassetlaw Clinical Commissioning Group Nottinghamshire County Council Food Standards Agency

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