About Us

At Ashley Care Centre we are here to provide care with compassion to the people that live here. Accepting them for who they are and always working to improve their lived experience.


Ashley Care Centre is a family run home specialising in dementia care since 1987. In that time we have provided much needed care and comfort for the people living here and given families peace of mind that their loved ones are being supported by well trained, kind and compassionate staff in a specialist  environment adapted to their needs.


We  are happy to provide all types of care for people with dementia ranging from daycare to full time accommodation. As we are dementia specialists we provide the same level of service but in different environments to people in the various stages of dementia whether that is the early stages of dementia or more advanced stages progressed conditions.


Our Values and Beliefs.


Compassionate Professionalism – We believe that that caring for someone with dementia starts with  understanding that we need to care for them not as a patient but as a person first, showing them genuine compassion whilst still understanding the important responsibility we have as to always act to the highest professional standards.

Continual Improvement – We believe that understanding how to care for people with dementia is a continual journey for everyone involved and as such we know we can always learn more and do better for those we have the responsibility to care for.


Understanding People – To really be able to care for those who can’t see the world around them with in a logical mind, as most do, we have to understand what makes that person who they are. Only once we understand their feeling and emotions can we try and understand how a person with dementia sees their world around them.


Going with their Flow – People with dementia can have the same need for routines that others have but they may need them at entirely different times. It is important that we respect the individual routines of residents and not what suits the home as a whole. As far possible we aim to ‘Go with their flow’.




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